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Corpus Studios™ hold workshops regularly on a variety of topics (Pilates, GYROTONIC®GYROKINESIS®, Functional Anatomy and Kinesiology, Functional Fitness) for a variety of audiences. Workshops can be a source of continuing education for fitness professionals (and count towards continuing education credits for Corpus Pilates Teacher Training students), and they can also be a fun way for non-experts to shake things up and delve deeper into a discipline. Workshops are posted here and on our MBO page, so always keep an eye out for what's coming up next. 


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Desk Pilates Workshop

Do you feel like you and your colleagues are not getting enough out of your coffee breaks? Need to move a little to stay focused at work? At Corpus Studios™, we have the perfect solution.

Book a Desk Pilates workshop for your office with Kelly McKinnon. Desk Pilates is a great way to get blood flowing to the joints and the brain to increase focus, to mitigate the negative physical effects of working at a desk, and to participate in an engaging and stimulating team-building activity all at the same time. In 2-3 hours the whole office can enjoy this refreshing experience and learn to be healthier at work!

To get more information or to book a workshop at your office, send us an email or telephone us at 02 513 07 66.


27 May: 13.00-16.00
Trainer : Chloe Leighton
Price: 55€
15 people max

How do the chakras relate to our every day lives and how can blockages or imbalances manifest in our bodies?

Let’s explore our own chakras, connecting with our inner energies and understanding our bodies deeper. This 3-hour workshop will be an introduction into the seven energetic wheels within us, known as the chakras, and how you can cultivate an awareness of your own chakras, unblocking and balancing them, leaving you feeling aligned, connected and open.
Open to all levels, no yoga experience necessary. Workshop includes a balancing flow, breath work and some visualisation meditation.

SPIRAL STABILIZATION (SPS) METHOD: Introduction to the SPS Movement Program (for everyone)
15 June : 17.00-21.00
Price: 95 euros
Trainer: Tiina Arrankoski
15 people max

The main goal is to understand the role of spiral and vertical muscle chains in human movement, how they can influence or positively or negatively on our movements.

Who is it for?:

  • The course is aimed at existing health and fitness professionals with an interest in spinal health, gait and postural work. The technique is a useful tool for practitioners in the fields of Pilates, physiotherapy, and nordic walking, for example.


  • Theoretical basis and Principles of SPS Method
  • Set of 12 Exercises to exercise the Spiral Muscle Chains
  • Manual Assistance of the movements

The Spiral Stabilization method has been conceived and gradually developed over the last 35 years in the Czech Republic by Dr Richard Smisek. This exercise method has proven to be highly effective in treating spine related pain and has become a popular form of training and movement therapy in many countries. Spiral Stabilization exercises are done in a standing position using an elastic cord and can also be used in conjunction with a pair of poles. The cord allows extensive movements against low, but gradually increasing resistance that will activate the muscle chains and create traction of the spine. Exercises can be progressed by adding balance challenges.

In SPS movements the whole body’s stabilizing muscles are activated and connected together during optimally coordinated movement creating a dynamic stabilizing muscle corset. The movement program is using all important elements of strengthening, stabilization, stretching, relaxation, coordination and balance together in every exercise. All exercises use and enhance natural movement patterns and coordination of walking and running.

The gradually progressing movement program makes it suitable for everyone who wishes to improve their posture, treat back pain, prevent injuries, maintain good health and well-being or aim for sports conditioning.

Course leader: Tiina Arrankoski, Master in Health and Sport Sciences, SPS Therapist and Educator, International Coach of Modern Nordic Walking

NORDIC WALKING & SPIRAL STABILIZATION (for everyone) - 2 days certification Course
16 & 17June: 11.00-17.00
Price: 350€ (early registration before 1st of May : 325€)
Trainer: Tiina Arrankoski
15 people max

In the architecture of our back the pelvis forms a basis that supports the movements of the spine in all the directions: flexion, extension, rotation. On the other hand, all the movements of the pelvis reflect on the spine - also when we walk - and, when done in correct and coordinated way, regenerate the spine by transferring small three dimensional movements to each vertebra on every step we make.

However, the pelvis is not the only one to influence on the movements of the spine. Also the arm movements should be taken in consideration. So, what does shoulder blade have to do with the functionality of the spine? What is the optimal position of the shoulder while we walk with or without poles? What do we actually ‘coordinate’ while walking - match the opposite leg with arm? Or is there something more we should think of?

During this two-day workshop you will learn in theory and through exercise the principles of two methods, Spiral stabilization (SPS) and  Modern Nordic Walking (MNW) and will understand how to improve the quality of your everyday movement - to transform walking into a healthy movement, that regenerates the spine.

Course leader: Tiina Arrankoski, Master in Health and Sport Sciences, SPS Therapist and Educator, International Coach of Modern Nordic Walking



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