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Studying Pilates with Kelly McKinnon:

When people ask me how I became too passionate about Pilates, both practicing and teaching Pilates, my answer is: I had patience, believed in myself, I wanted to share the method and to improve other people lives. On the top of that I was lucky to have a great teacher and mentor.

About Corpus Pilates™ Comprehensive Teacher training programme:

I did recently Mat Level 3 Corpus Pilates™ training with Kelly McKinnon and here is what I would like to share with new teachers and clients. Comprehensive Level 3 is, indeed, very demanding as your body has to be ready for Level 3 exercises. It is a lot about balancing, smaller base of gravity, less stability, open chain exercises and bigger range of motion. In general, it is challenging. And this is what you need to become a better teacher: more experience, more fluidity and being aware how to progress the client with exercises. A Comprehensive Level 3 teacher is more conscious about clients' needs and can work more efficiently to improve their body.

What helps this:

First, before starting Level 3, the teacher has already passed several written, practical, teaching and observing exams of Corpus teacher training where 80% success is mandatory! This is very demanding as it allows you to make only few mistakes.

Second, Anatomy is everywhere in your exams and, from now on, into your daily routine. Corpus Pilates™ manuals help students to be aware of anatomy: no doubt that muscles and bones will take big part of your time to study. Once you get into Level 3, you are ready to understand more the nervous and respiratory system. It is great when you can coordinate your movement with your breath as most of people, in our days, do not breath properly. This is great if you get because as a teacher, you can pass it to others. And as Kelly says ''Exhhhhhhhale'', ''just say to people where to exhale and then they will inhale as well''.

Last but not last, Level 3 Corpus Pilates™ teacher training gives more fluidity and rhythm to your teaching. Clients feel and want to be more fluid and keep the 'Pilates rhythm' even after the class. The session format that we use in Corpus Studios™ private classes is very beneficial for clients as it gives a fluid comprehensive workout to people: within a private, certified Corpus Pilates™ teachers work with Mat and Reformer and wherever it's needed with props. In addition, teachers use the tower, barrels and chairs for individual needs.

So, I would say that keep studying, keep practicing and keep teaching is the best for a teacher who wants to become better. And Corpus Pilates™ Comprehensive Teacher Training will definitely give you the skills you need to become better and better and better :-)

Tania Tsiora

It was really good time to be part of this training program and I really enjoy: Anatomy & PMP!  Many thanks for your brilliant session. It must have been the best training session I've had. Thanks to Ana too!

Anna Barbara Szymaniak

This is just to let you know how happy I am about passing the exams of Foundation/Level1. ( I will give in the missing parts of my folder soon)

It was a great experience with you all and it was definitely a window of opportunity to have heard about your studio just in time when I was looking for a place to start some training in the directions of Pilates or Yoga.

One year ago I was not sure if I will ever be able to learn all the exercises, anatomy and teaching it. So I am really happy to have come so far thanks to you all.

I think the program of the formation is pedagogically very well done and thought through. With all the help and corrections we got, we can feel much more confident in teaching others although it will still be a while to go to be really professional. But... step by step.


Thank you Kelly.  It was a fabulous course (Mat Level 2) and I learnt a great deal; very stimulating. We are lucky to be able to benefit so much from your wealth of experience. Looking forward to practicing soon.


About Kelly McKinnon's Pilates Manuals / Corpus Studios™ Production

I just wanted to say Thank-you!...(...) I am a great fan of the way the mat work is presented...there is nothing like this in the UK...from what I've come across, the exercise way is a lot more gentle and relaxing and I like the more powerful approach...having compared notes with others I consider Kelly's' approach akin to yoga as a discipline rather than a drop in class as it reminds me of the way ballet is taught, as a build up to produce a controlled result and not a quick 'fix' (...) I am a great admirer of this concept and approach.....I am definitely singing your praises to anyone who will listen!

Christina Attridge,
56 years old Ballet-trained at the Royal Academy in London gaining both Associate with Honours and Licentiate

Training at Corpus Studios™ has been a unique and highly enriching experience.You get to know what Pilates really is: you learn to teach it to your body and to teach it to your students.You get to know what professional Pilates teaching really means: what you do can really help your student as both his/her body and mind will benefit from your teaching. The whole program is really high level and super interesting. You learn a lot for you and for your life. And Kelly is the best Pilates teacher and teacher trainer I have worked with. Try and see for yourself.

Federica Martin
Pilates Teacher



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