Corpus Studios

Nordic Walking

New Nordic Walking sessions: Get outdoors, get some fresh air and get fit with Kelly 


Stick walking (Nordic) is all about re-patterning your dynamic posture. We learn to walk naturally through trial and error and by mimicking our parents and relatives, and this worked for a while. With time we develop habits and this is reflected in our active daily walking - good and bad!

  • Meet at Corpus Studios - Borrens
  • Collect sticks
  • Walk to Les étangs d'Ixelles
  • Learn exercises to correct faulty patterns and activate correct muscles and joints
  • Go for a dynamic walk to the Bois la Cambre
  • Mid-walk stretches
  • Return to Corpus Studios to return the sticks

The best exercise outdoors for the whole body. The use of the poles will bring spiral stabilization into your workouts in an upright functional mode. Your entire body will become stronger and more efficient in all daily tasks.

Because we will be outside you will breath fresh air and enjoy the natural settings in the park or the Flagey lakes. Come join us and learn to improve your life with Kelly and Nordic walking. Rain or shine so have some duck cover ups for the drizzle.

Please contact our reception desk for more details.

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