Getting started

Whether your end goal is to become a Corpus Pilates™ Mat Comprehensive Teacher or a Corpus Pilates™ Studio Comprehensive Teacher, the basic beginning course sequence you will follow is the same.


Registration and deposit

  • Complete the Registration form and send an email to
  • Pay non-refundable registration deposit or the balance of all training in full to secure your place in the Corpus Studios™ Teacher Training Programme : 150€

    Payments made to:

    IBAN: BE74 7340 3044 8107
    KBC Place Stephanie 10
    B-1050 Brussels

  • Confirm with email payment to



As an essential foundation for our training programs, we require students to be well-prepared in advance.  First, we require students to have some Pilates experience:

  • Minimum 30 Pilates Mat classes (at Corpus Studios or elsewhere)
  • Minimum 20 Apparatus classes (only if planning to take the Studio Comprehensive course)

Then, we prepare you for the training:

  1.  Corpus Pilates™ preparatory introduction course:
    An Introduction to Corpus Pilates – Teacher Program Immersion weekend to fully understand Pilates as a system of movement Covers Pilates history, Pilates principles, Pilates key concepts, basic mat and apparatus exercises, use of small equipment
  2. Functional Anatomy and Kinesiology course (FAK)
    Knowledge of anatomy is essential for top-class movement instructors and we offer an Anatomy course, suitable for students with or without previous knowledge of anatomy

These two courses and a successful anatomy exam are pre-requisites for completion of all other training programs. 

Previous Anatomy education and diplomas from other Pilates Teaching schools will be considered upon request.



Thereafter, Corpus Studios offers 2 main training programs

  • Corpus Pilates™ Mat Comprehensive
  • Corpus Pilates™ Studio Comprehensive (Mat, Reformer, Cadillac/Tower, Chairs, Barrels; small Pilates equipment)

Each program progresses through three levels of training:

  • Level 1 (Beginner)
  • Level 2 (Intermediate)
  • Level 3 (Advanced)

Corpus Pilates™ Mat Comprehensive Diploma certifies you in all 3 levels of Pilates Mat work. Excellent if you do not have access to apparatus but still want a good training in Pilates. A Corpus Pilates™ Mat Comprehensive Diploma (all 3 levels) will take at least 1 year to complete.

Corpus Pilates™ Studio Comprehensive Diploma allows you to teach Pilates as it was originally intended by Joseph Pilates: as a full body system combining Mat, Reformer, Cadillac/Tower, Chairs, Barrels, and small equipment. It is excellent for anyone wanting to gain a deep and thorough understanding of Pilates and offer their students the best and most varied training possible. A Corpus Pilates™ Studio Comprehensive Diploma (all 3 levels) will take at least 2 years to complete.

To achieve the Studio Comprehensive Diploma in the shortest time, it is possible to follow the Mat Comprehensive and Studio Comprehensive courses in parallel.

In addition, we offer supplementary courses for Mat-only students:

  • Corpus Pilates™ Baby Arc training
    Optional, for Mat-only students and provides the opportunity to add a new dimension to mat classes, learning to incorporate the Pilates small Barrel (Baby Arc).
  • Corpus Pilates™ Large and Small Balls training
  • Corpus Pilates™ Foam Roller training


  1.  Pay non-refundable registration deposit : 150€
  2. Go to Calendar, choose Course and pay online via our online booking system or directly at Corpus Studios (make appointment with for payments)



  1. You must attend 100% of all course training modules and exams for which you have paid. No exceptions will be made.

  2. Between the completion of each Mat Course and the exams, you are permitted to attend, without charge, ten Pilates classes at the level you are currently studying at Corpus Studios™. Note: unused classes will be void after the exams.

  3. If you are unsuccessful in any part of the exams, they must be re-taken at your own expense within one year of the first exam date. Exams can only be repeated once.

  4. All Teacher Apprentice hours and Delegate Portfolio must be completed no later than 6 weeks after the exam.

  5. Students will only receive a written Attestation of Completion or Diploma when all training days, exams and apprentice hours are completed 100% with approval and submitted within the specific timeframe. After completing each course level, you will receive an Attestation of Completion for the level and study hours you have done. The final diploma will not be issued until all three levels  have been completed.

  6. Deposits are non-refundable. You will receive a 100% course fee refund if the course is cancelled due to lack of participants or for any other reason. If you cancel more than one month before the start of the Corpus Studios™ Teacher Training Course, you will receive 50% reimbursement. Course fees must be paid in full one month prior to the start of the Corpus Studios™ Teacher Training Course date.






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