Corpus Studios


Personal training is the perfect way to vary your fitness program by combining different types of exercise activities including Pilates, GYROTONIC®, GYROKINESIS®, CoreAlign, running, weight training, martial arts, outdoor athletic training, environmental/cross training and interval training (using outdoor accessories such as pylons, ground ladders, benches, stairs, blocks etc.).

Our Personal Training combines core, mobility, and stability exercises. We specialize in movement analysis and strength training for multidirectional, linear and rotational sports. Our methods for varying your workout routines are perfect to develop a “balanced” fitness program. They will not only improve your overall fitness, but help to prevent overuse injuries that are common in single-sport activities.

Along with the mind body modalities that Corpus Studios™ offers, you will find an approach towards “functional fitness” training. We have specific teachers who work in Functional Fitness and are able to provide personalized coaching for people who are looking to improve their approach to training and performance. Additionally, we offer workshops throughout the year towards specific fitness coaching (eg linear running workshops, rotational and multi-directional movement workshops).

Additional Equipment:

We have a spinning studio equipped with Keiser M3® Indoor Spinning Bikes, and we offer group classes led by our instructors. Come and train your heart aerobically while gaining a great backside, a trimmed waist, and beautifully toned legs and triceps. A comprehensive training for the body comparable to climbing the face of a mountain.  Knees and back issues are not a concern with this functional trainer. For gaining power. Great for golfers, tennis players and all sports with rotation. Improve your power, strength and mobility. 


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