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Corpus Studios™ Mat Pilates Teacher Training is recognized by:

Corpus Pilates™ Mat Teacher Training program is now officially EuropeActive and EREPS (European Register of Exercise Professionals) certified. This is a very significant step for both our current and past students, as it gives you recognition across Europe with your Corpus Pilates™ diploma.

Why choose Corpus Pilates™?

The Corpus Pilates™ Teacher Training Program offers a full traditional syllabus integrated with contemporary exercises and small accessories. We teach our instructors the theory behind Pilates and include Anatomy and modules in professional management and programming so that instructors are able to go beyond simply teaching clients exercises; they can educate clients about their bodies and the benefits that Pilates can provide to each individual. Each level of training involves a number of elements, including training hours with a Master Trainer, apprentice hours, study hours, and a three-tiered exam process to ensure that instructors know the material inside and out.

You will receive an "attestation of completion" at the end of each course level, stating the level and number of hours of study you have completed. The final diploma will be awarded upon completion of Mat Level 3 which will enable you to register and be recognised by EREPS (European Register of Exercise Professionals) and EuropeActive (European Fitness and Health Association), enabling you to legally teach Pilates anywhere in Continental Europe.

After receiving your diploma, Corpus Pilates™ encourages you to maintain a high standard of excellence by staying up to date with the latest Pilates developments , for your clients' and personal satisfaction . Corpus Pilates™ provides educational seminars, workshops, courses and online training for you to continue your Pilates education.

By selecting Corpus Pilates™, you are joining an international network of successful Pilates teachers who are recognized across continental Europe by EREPS and EuropeActive. We would love to see you become a part of that network. Both EREPs and EuropeActive certification will help you travel and work in countries across Europe.

What is EuropeActive?

EuropeActive is a standards-setting entity of the health and fitness sector that promotes best practice in instruction and training, with the ultimate objective of raising quality of service and improving customer's exercise experience and results.

As an EuropeActive recognized training program, Corpus Pilates™ has met and exceeded internationally required standards. A diploma from Corpus Pilates™ will be recognized throughout continental Europe, and will give you the focused and in-depth training you need to help you advance successfully in your Pilates career.

What is EREPs?

The European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS) is an independent process for the registering of all instructors, trainers and teachers working across Europe in the exercise and fitness industry. It is a pan-European system, based on independent national registers, culminating in a central European database.

EREPs awards credits/points for taking recognized courses, demonstrating to employers and clients that you are present in the market - that you follow courses regularly and stay up to date in your training techniques. EREPs allows you to be part of a fitness educator database that will provide you with visibility and recognition.

How to register?

Students - since 2016:

 Corpus Pilates™ students (who have completed Mat Level 3) who choose to be recognized by EuropeActive/EREPS must make a one-time payment of 85€ for their initial registration. Corpus Studios™ will send your details to EuropeActive and to be registered in the EREPS database. After this initial registration by Corpus Studios™, all further communication with EuropeActive/EREPS will be dealt with directly by the student.

Students - 2015 and earlier:

All students who have taken Corpus Pilates™ Teacher Training courses (completed Mat Level 3) and are interested in EuropeActive/EREPS recognition will be required to follow a one-day update seminar in Brussels.  Once you have received the EuropeActive/EREPS recognition you may add their logos to your website.

EREPS Update Workshop
For more information, please send us an email.


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