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Class descriptions

Corpus Studios™ offers you three different types of classes:

  • Collective Class
  • Apparatus Class
  • Private Class

At Corpus Studios™ we take our class levels very seriously to offer the safest and best instruction possible for all. We strongly encourage all clients to consulate with a receptionist or Corpus Studios™

Teacher before registering for a class.

Any reservation not cancelled on time will be charged the full price of the lesson. All cancellations must be done either by email, in person at the studio or changed directly on the MBO.

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Offered by level: 8-12 persons a class


Joseph Pilates’ original Contrology syllabus taught with rhythm and tempo. A good all round physical workout.




Pilates power circle, sticks, elastics, weights, rollers and balls. Great for upper-body strength and muscle definition.



Large balls, small balls, and rollers; excellent for postural stabilization, symmetry, control and precision.



For those who prefer to move a little slower and who may have mobility issues. A very good workout but at a pace where the body and mind can take a little more connection time. Great for the aging population, those who may have a nervous system disorder and those coming back from injury.



Looking for a dance class in which you can exercise without feeling uncoordinated or goofy? Corpus Functional Barre is for you. The class is barefoot, with many repetitions, a small range of motion and full of dance "E - motions". It takes advantage of isometric movements, which incorporate holding part of the body still while challenging a limb to move in disassociation. Pilates Mat will be incorporated along with principles of movement that appear in other mind body modalities. Functional Barre is a great class for both men and women looking for a fun way to exercise and add tone to their bodies. Your core will become stronger and more refined as you pull in your waist and challenge those butts, thighs and calves - never mind the foot and ankle articulations. Bonus: after a few classes, you may find yourself moving more gracefully in everyday life.


Do you spend most of your day seated at a desk, in a car, or traveling? The traditional Pilates Baby Arc is an amazing apparatus that will both strengthen and open your hip and chest region, as well as your lower and upper back. Most of our days are spent using the front of our bodies in closed positions - we need to open up and stretch. Here is the class to combat the aging process and keep you looking youthful and upright!



The Pilates Stick is a professional body sculpting system that allows you to do much of the work usually reserved for the Pilates Classical Tower. It is a wonderful replacement with all the benefits that the much larger apparatus offers. The Pilates Stick will challenge the body in positions not assessable without the added use of springs and suspension. Extremely versatile and excellent for sculpting the hard to reach areas of the body. Adds diversity to your mat classes, and is generally reserved for private coaching.

SPINNING (6 max)

With Keiser M3® Indoor Spinning Bikes. Come and train your heart aerobically while gaining a great backside, a trimmed waist, and beautifully toned legs and triceps. Not only for the young. Cardio vascular endurance in the ageing population is very important. Individually you may choose your settings and how hard or soft you work is entirely up to you. Your dynamic teacher will be sure to make this fun. All spinning is accompanied by music.



This suspension system consists of four separate ropes and attachments which can be used standing, lying down, or in several other positions, to work on strengthening and stabilizing the entire body. Bodhi pays special attention to the core between mobility and stability and its role in balance and strength. The suspension system incorporates many principles found in Pilates, including a focus on small, precise movements, and antigravity exercises, but the system is entirely its own, and it is not necessary to have experience with Pilates or any other exercise system to practice Bodhi.  Giving Bodhi a try is an excellent way to change-up your workout and the way you think about gravity. In addition to the health and fitness benefits of core and full body strength, flexibility, and balance it achieves, the novel positions used in Bodhi are fun to play with and are sure to be a highlight of your day.


Works the joints and muscles through rhythmic and undulating exercises with corresponding breathing patterns. Excellent for opening upper body and hip decompression.




Instructed by teachers with either remedial or therapeutic backgrounds.

Circuit class

Here is a class to work the body in a variety of methods. Pilates, Bodhi, Large and small Ball, Elastic, Arch, Roller, small weights, and the Pilates Stick. We will use a variety of elements to train the full body, core, major muscles groups and small stabilizers. Aim is to give the body a complete workout and challenge dynamic posture.


Improve your strength, balance, agility, sports conditioning, and cardio with the MOTR. A cylinder with pulley cords that is used with Pilates principles and functional training, cardio and core workouts: the class you need to gain a strong, agile body and balanced musculature.


Stick walking (Nordic) is all about re-patterning your dynamic posture. We learn to walk naturally through trial and error and by mimicking our parents and relatives, and this worked for a while. With time we create habits and this is reflected in our active daily walking - good and bad! The outcome of the collective stick walking is to become more efficient walkers.

Teen Pilates

A fun and convivial Mat class specially designed for teenagers that will help counter postural ‘bad habits’.  Challenged with different props and variations, teenagers will have fun in this dynamic class, grow stronger and benefit from the postural improvements Pilates can bring.

Hatha Yoga

A class incorporating the traditional Hatha yoga practice of holding postures for longer and using the breath to find ease, with smooth transitions to work the whole body. The focus is on correct alignment and breathing in order to release tension, strengthen and lengthen the muscles and release emotional and mental blockages.  You will leave this class feeling relaxed, more present and invigorated.


A class based on a combination of a physical, emotional and also spiritual approach. By integrating movement, breathing, and meditation, it can help make you aware of the complementarity of all these aspects in personal health and wellbeing.



Offered by level: 6 persons max per class


Apparatus utilizes the resistance of leg and arm springs, tubing, pulleys, moving carriages, boxes and moving parts. Excellent for upper and lower body strengthening and joint stability and mobility. Especially good for remedial benefits and athletic enhancement. Often pieces of apparatus will be used in conjunction with another piece to form a more coherent class format.


The Reformer corrects posture and strengthens the legs, butt and upper body while realigning the torso and produces visible results in the musculature of the entire body and limbs; body and limbs will look firmer and more defined within a dozen or so regular sessions. It is an original piece of apparatus created by J. Pilates to strengthen, mobilize and challenge the body on a moving platform. It incorporates boxes, pulleys and springs for resistance and support. The Reformer moves the body into positions of suspension, inversion and instability. The Reformer is large enough to accommodate a full-range of motion. Clients are requested to first complete 5+ Pilates mat classes or have approval from an instructor to participate.


The Tower is one of the original apparatus created by J. Pilates. It is similar to the Reformer in that it works with resistance, yet the base is stable. It is an effective tool for learning to correct dysfunctional patterns and challenging the body in relation to gravity and space. With the use of the Tower students can be inverted, laying down, or seated and choose a variety of positions with support from the apparatus. Strongly recommended for re-education after injuries, trouble shooting for issues in the body, an aging population and anywhere that someone feels like they prefer more support than less it is a superb option. It is a very popular piece of apparatus as people feel safe and are often interested by possibilities they might have thought were lost to them.


Part of the Reformer apparatus; The Jumping Board is used to correct alignment of the feet and legs and strengthen the lower junction of the body. It is used to re-educate the lower limbs without the compression of the vertical jump, all jumping is done in a horizontal position. It is a great tool for safely boosting the cardio-vascular system, burning calories, increasing endurance and developing core strength.



The Chairs are all part of Joseph Pilates’ series of apparatus. There are several chair styles but all chairs work on a stable base with a moving pedal. Spring resistance on the pedal can be used to either support or challenge the body. Some chairs have additional poles for suspended arm work and/or extra spring like bands to offer more options and diversity. Pilates’ chairs are used to create strength in the core of muscles and pelvic area and to strengthen the upper body, legs and buttocks. The chairs target specific muscles and are excellent for sport training or all around strengthening. They move the body into spinal flexion, extension, and side bending through the many different stretching positions, and improve balance whether sitting, standing, or lying on the chair. The chair is excellent for strength and stability, and works well for both women and men.


The GYROTONIC TOWER® increases structural fitness, range of motion, coordination, and strength. It uses pulleys for the legs and arms and as well as a unique pair of dials which turn on a horizontal plane for the upper body. A sequence of graceful undulating and circular motions, supported by rhythmic breathing pattern, journeys the spine through all planes of movement. All joints are mobilized and the core stabilized. Remedial therapy is available for those with joint and muscular problems. Because movement is based on figure eights and a continuous flow, the entire body is encouraged to breath and undulate in harmonious rhythm. Strongly encouraged for the older and stationary generation because of its gentle hip and chest opening features.


Easy-to-learn exercises on the CoreAlign™ are designed to improve posture, balance and functional movement. It consists of two moving carriages in two tracks which are directed back and forth by the lower and upper limbs in a multitude of positions. There is a ladder on one end used for stability and as a place to position the legs or arms during exercises. The CoreAlign™ method stimulates core stability muscles, very deep stretches and core-controlled aerobic training. Extremely complimentary to sport training. The real genius of the CoreAlign™ system is its basic ability to improve posture and gait (walking technique). It is functional to daily life and helps to develop a direct awareness of incorrect patterns inherent throughout our physical and emotional life. Perfect to re-educate the knees, ankles, feet and for enhancing shoulder function.


A program that will maximize your training while using a variety of equipment and props (Reformer, CoreAlign, BODHI Suspension® Chairs, Sticks, Balls, Elastics, Rollers, Arches ...).
This class balances the work of the different muscle groups in your legs and arms, while incorporating core work and mild cardio. It is a very dynamic group class. For those who are easily bored this class will keep you so focused on the work that you will have no time to check your watch. A great option for anyone who is really sporty and appreciates a good challenge. Men and women alike enjoy circuit classes at Corpus.


Interval training is a type of discontinuous physical training that involves a series of low-to high-intensity exercise workouts interspersed with rest or relief periods. The main aim is to improve speed and cardiovascular fitness. A variety of apparatus may be used in a manner similar to circuit training.





Tailored to the specific needs and desires of the client. Where there are individual requirements, physical limitations or injuries (back, shoulder, hip, knee, cervical issues, nervous system disorders, scoliosis, pregnancy…), supervised individual classes are suggested. In individual classes, the client will work on a variety of Equipment depending on the goals and objectives decided upon between teachers and clients together.


A shared private class. Less expensive than a private class, but with a similar level of intensity. With two clients, the teacher can keep the individual needs for each in mind and focus on imbalanced physical issues. Great for friends or others who want to keep some of the qualities of a private class but at a reasonable cost.


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