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We at Corpus Studios™ understand that your education is important to you and we will provide the highest level of training and educational tools to help you become the best Pilates teacher you can be.

Corpus Studios™ offers a Traditional Pilates Education with a contemporary approach; the teaching and philosophy is progressive and integrative. In addition to the core instruction modules, we provide personal coaching and group tutorials throughout the training period. All of this, plus use of Corpus Studios™ and partner studios for completion of apprentice hours and access to Mentor Teachers, enables the development of a community of collaborative learning. This encourages the sharing of knowledge, experimentation, and develops confidence.

Training includes working knowledge of the Traditional and Contemporary Mat repertoire, functional kinesiology and physiological anatomy, and conceptual and physiological awareness of Pilates as a movement system. Throughout training you will also learn how to utilize contemporary equipment such as large and small stability balls, rollers, and bands. Our training also covers everything necessary to work successfully with special populations. Additional modules in programming for collective and private classes, career planning, and goal setting for personal development are taught to help you plan your new career in a systematic and thoughtful way.

We ensure that our students have a thorough understanding of our content throughout their training by using progressive testing that takes place as you work through the levels of our training.

Upon completion of all four levels of your training and apprentice hours you will receive a Corpus Pilates™ Instructor diploma stating: what you have completed, hours and a completion date. After completing each level you will receive a letter of participation for the level and study you have done. The final diploma will not be issued until all levels are complete. The hours can be used to build towards a comprehensive certification in all the progressive levels of Pilates Mat work and apparatus including the Reformer, Cadillac/Tower, Chairs, Barrels and accessories.

In addition to providing a high quality training system, Corpus Pilates™ offers you the opportunity to gain a diploma recognized by EuropeActive and EREPS in continental Europe. These certifications offer a method of quality assurance that ensures exercise professionals are appropriately trained and educated to do their jobs, giving clients and health professionals alike confidence and peace of mind when placing their trust in exercise programming.

We at Corpus Pilates™ help you find your strengths, and use those strengths creatively to educate and empower yourself and your students with the excellence of our training and the dynamics of the Pilates movement system.

Choosing Corpus Pilates™ for your Pilates education will provide you with the experience and training to excel in both the physical and theoretical aspects of Pilates that make a truly great Pilates teacher.

Kelly McKinnon


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