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CLASS Levels

Level 1: No experience required (Pregnancy, back, hip and shoulder problems)
Level 2: Min 15 classes (at Level 1)
Level 3: 30+ Classes
Level 4: 1 year experience
Level 5: 2-3 years experience
Level 6: 3-5 yrs experience (Advanced)

To start taking Pilates classes at Corpus Studios™, we ask that everybody begin at Level 1.

Changing levels:

You need the approval of a teacher to advance to the next level. You will make more progress if you take classes at your level. Taking classes that are above your level can result in injury. Respecting your level also means showing respect for other students and for the teacher who will try to adapt to the average level of the class, rather then trying to teach various levels.

To book your classes you must reserve online:

  1. You may purchase credit at the reception desk to book your classes on MBO (10 Group Apparatus, 10 Collective Mat, 1 month unlimited card, etc.) Your credit will be added to your personal MBO Online account and will give you the opportunity to book from your home, from your office, or anytime, anywhere.
  2.  A valid membership is required to book your classes online. To activate your membership please either pay at the reception or buy it online, it will be added into your personal MBO Online account. You will not be able to book online without a valid and confirmed membership. 

For more information on how to book you class, click here

You can use your class credits at any of the two studios (Borrens and Caroly) and you are free to move around the different classes as long as you stay within your level.


In the event that you need to cancel one of your reservations, please do so at least:

  • 36 hours in advance for all Private and Apparatus classes
  • 24 hours in advance for all Collective Classes.

Any reservation not cancelled on time will be charged the full price of the lesson. All cancellations must be done either by email, at the reception or changed directly on the MBO. Do not hesitate to send us a message.


Cards and membership are non refundable: please visit our Prices page for more information


Download the PDF schedules here:

MBO: Separate Class and Appointment Schedules for Borrens and Caroly

Class schedules for Borrens vs. Caroly are now shown on separate screens on the website and on the mobile app. The Location field has been removed.

  • Choose a studio schedule from the horizontal tabs on the web page
  • Choose a studio schedule from the left menu on the mobile app
  • The same change applies with Personal Coaching. You will see: "Borrens - Privates" and "Caroly - Privates"

Corpus Studios™ Borrens is located at 33 rue Borrens, 1050 Brussels. Be sure to check classes at Corpus Studio™ Caroly.

Corpus Studios™ Caroly is located at 33 rue Caroly, 1050 Brussels. Be sure to check classes at Corpus Studios™ Borrens.


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