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Thank you Kelly.  It was a fabulous course (Mat Level 2) and I learnt a great deal; very stimulating. We are lucky to be able to benefit so much from your wealth of experience. Looking forward to practicing soon.


About Kelly McKinnon's Pilates Manuals / Corpus Studios Production

I just wanted to say Thank-you!...(...) I am a great fan of the way the mat work is presented...there is nothing like this in the UK...from what I've come across, the exercise way is a lot more gentle and relaxing and I like the more powerful approach...having compared notes with others I consider Kelly's' approach akin to yoga as a discipline rather than a drop in class as it reminds me of the way ballet is taught, as a build up to produce a controlled result and not a quick 'fix' (...) I am a great admirer of this concept and approach.....I am definitely singing your praises to anyone who will listen!

Christina Attridge,
56 years old Ballet-trained at the Royal Academy in London gaining both Associate with Honours and Licentiate

Training at Corpus Studios has been a unique and highly enriching experience.You get to know what Pilates really is: you learn to teach it to your body and to teach it to your students.You get to know what professional Pilates teaching really means: what you do can really help your student as both his/her body and mind will benefit from your teaching. The whole program is really high level and super interesting. You learn a lot for you and for your life. And Kelly is the best Pilates teacher and teacher trainer I have worked with. Try and see for yourself.

Federica Martin
Pilates Teacher


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