Corpus Studios

Getting started

Whether your end goal is to become a Corpus Pilates™ Mat Comprehensive Teacher, a Corpus Pilates™ Studio Comprehensive Teacher, or just to take a few individual courses, the basic beginning course sequence you will follow is the same.

Terms and Conditions

  1. All prerequisites must be met before registering for any Corpus Studios Teacher Training Programme.
  2. Complete the Registration form and send an email to
  3. Enroll yourself in an Anatomy and PMP course:
    If you have prior Anatomy education, you will need to provide original evidence of the award.  You still need to purchase the Anatomy Manual and pass the Anatomy and PMP exam. Ideally, you should attend the Anatomy Training day even if you have been given accreditation of prior learning. See schedule for more details.
  4. Choose date to begin the Mat / Apparatus Foundation Course, or if you have previous Pilates experience, choose a date for Mat / Apparatus Level 1 Course. Select dates for appropriate Corpus Pilates Matwork or Apparatus Courses. Please send an email to to reserve your place.
  5. Pay non-refundable deposit or the balance of all training in full to secure your place in the Corpus Studios Teacher Training Programme. Click here for more information.
  6. You must attend 100% of all course training dates, course tutorials and exams for which you have paid. No exceptions will be made.
  7. Between the completion of your Matwork or Reformer Training Courses and the exams, you are permitted to attend, without charge, one Mat or Allegro Reformer Class per week of the level you are currently studying at Corpus Studios. NB this is subject to availability and paying clients take priority.
  8. If you are unsuccessful in any part of the exams they must be retaken at your own expense within one year of the first exam date. Exams can only be repeated once.
  9. All Teacher Apprentice hours must be completed within one year of the start date of the Corpus Studios Teacher Training Programme.
  10. Students will only receive a written Teacher Certification Award when all training days, tutorials, exams and apprentice hours are completed 100% with approval and submitted within the specific time. (see points 8 & 9)
  11. Deposits are non-refundable. You will receive 100% course fee refund if the course is cancelled due to lack of participants or for any other reason. If you cancel more than two weeks before the start of the Corpus Studios Teacher Training Course, you will receive 50% reimbursement. Course fees must be paid in full one month prior to the start of the Corpus Studios Teacher Training Course date.



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