Corpus Studios

Our philosophy



Now in the second decade of helping people to grow and move towards a healthier outlook…

Corpus Studios has always cared about providing competent and passionate teachers, state of the art equipment, a variety of classes and a great atmosphere that--we owe these to both our staff, and our clients, who trust us and come back every week with a smile, ready to workout.

We've created a short Corpus Studios introductory video... maybe you'll recognise yourself or maybe you'll be inspired to try something new such as CoreAlign, Bhodi Suspension, GYROKINESIS® and GYROTONIC®, or simply one of our Apparatus or Yoga classes.

What we do for you…

We provide personalized service, know the names of our clients, and give individualized attention. Our classes are divided by level and are small enough to provide attention to detail. Exercises are selected and taught with attention to students' personal needs, activities and life style. We work to make the exercises fit the student rather than vice versa. Corpus teachers emphasize correct postural application to be sure movement is executed precisely and harmoniously. All classes are conducted in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

We are proud to offer a variety of mind-body modalities…

Between the two studios you will find many pieces of equipment designed to move and address the body in every position imagined, regardless of shape or functional ability. Although Corpus Studios’ origins are in the Pilates method, it was only a couple of years later that we incorporated additional mind-body methods. Now there is a shared focus between Pilates, CoreAlign, Bodhi Suspension System®, Yoga, GYROTONIC®, GYROKINESIS® and Functional Fitness.

Where it all began…

Kelly McKinnon was in Europe as a dancer and choreographer, and found herself in Brussels working in a circus school teaching Pilates and dance. Since Brussels is a wonderful, vibrant city to live in Kelly decided to stay. A dear friend of hers suggested she should teach that thing she did, “ Pilates,” and it was at this point she founded Corpus studios, in 1999. 

Kelly continues to run and direct Corpus Studios to this day with the help of her friendly and talented staff and instructors. Her extensive education in remedial and advanced training applications, plus years of working in dance, circus and personal athletic training services, enables her to oversee the training and updating of her teachers in the latest, most effective techniques. 


What does this mean for you?…

You are currently a passionate follower of Pilates or GYROTONIC®, perhaps a newcomer to another of the disciplines offered at Corpus Studios, or a first timer to the mind-body scene; maybe you are interested or have already decided to become a teacher of one of these modalities and would like to have Kelly as your Master trainer? No matter where you are in your experience we are here to give you a positive and fresh approach every time you enter our doors. This means we will do our best for you each and every class you follow at Corpus Studios.

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